28 Apr

BWF Certifire Door – more than just a fire door

There are fire doors and then there are BWF Certifire doors, proving uncompromised quality and safety when you need it most.

We’re all familiar with the devastating effects a fire can have on people and property, and it’s no secret that doorways are a weak point in containing fire. Most doors have a gap between the frame and the leaf and often include metal components which conduct heat rather than restrict it. A good quality, certified fire door, with the compatible components identified in the fire test data sheet, will ensure the fire barrier is maintained, slowing the spread of smoke and flame and giving occupants more time to escape or the fire service longer to come to the rescue.

Fire doors also prevent more of your building and property from being lost to the fire than necessary, which can save you unnecessary costs in insurance claims.

The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) operates and manages the BWF-CERTIFIRE Scheme which was established to increase the standard of fire door manufacture across the UK and is run in partnership with Warrington Certifire Ltd who offer technical and certification skills.

Finewood’s sister company, Doorworks, is a proud member of the BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door and Doorset Scheme. All members of the scheme are rigorously assessed and audited every year, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands when ordering a fire door from us.

Doorworks are one of only a handful of suppliers in Scotland certified to produce fire rated products in the building and construction trade. In our first year of trading we were awarded an ISO9001:2000 quality management systems certificate, which allowed us to join the BWF-CERTIFIRE Fire Door and Doorset Scheme.

This commitment to quality ensures you and your family, your home or business are protected. We’re standing by to supply you with a fire door that will form a critical part of your passive fire protection plan and give you peace of mind.

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