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I’ve Recently Purchased a Property For Commercial Use, Do I Need to Install Fire Doors?

Whether concerning a domestic property or a commercial one, fire safety is of crucial importance. A lack of diligence with regards to fire safety could potentially result in extortionate fines, injuries or even fatalities and with this in mind, those in charge of a building must adhere to the stringent rules and regulations surrounding the threat of fire.

Setting up your own company is an extremely exciting venture that definitely calls for celebration, however, in addition to focusing on the specifics of the business, it’s important to attend to health and safety tasks as a matter of priority. After all, when you run a commercial building, you’re partially responsible for the well-being of both staff members and customers and although unlikely to occur, a breakout of fire could have devastating effects and these risks must be managed accordingly.

Whilst there are many different precautions you can take to ensure your property is fire-resistant, fire doors are one of the most crucial aspects of building up a strong line of defence against a blaze. Fire doors restrict and delay the spread of fire when closed and provide an escape route when open and they are specially designed to be resistant to flames. These doors should be supplied and installed by specialists to ensure they are compliant with fire safety regulations, however, it’s your job as the business owner to get this process under way.

If this is your first solo business venture, the ins and outs of fire safety can be difficult to keep on top of and this important responsibility can be overwhelming to take on to say the least. So, to help you ensure your commercial building is fire-safe, we’ve explored the rules and regulations surrounding fire safety in the workplace, the different precautions that can be taken and things to consider when purchasing fire doors for your commercial property.

Fire safety in commercial buildings: what are your responsibilities?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is a set of guidelines and rules for organisations based in England and Wales regarding fire safety. The Order specifies that it is the duty of a responsible individual to ensure that a commercial premises is protected against fire and this person can be an employer, building owner, building landlord, occupier or anyone else who has control of the property.

When it comes to fire safety in the workplace, there are numerous things to consider and the design of the building and nature of your organisation could have a significant effect on what precautions should be taken. The Order above states that the onus is on each individual business to carry out the appropriate risk assessments in order to identify any potential hazards and manage them accordingly. Whilst this is something you can do this yourself, you may want to hire a professional fire risk assessor if you’re concerned about your level of expertise.

The assessment will help to identify any potential fire hazards and people who may be at risk and once this has been clarified, it’s your job to inform your staff of your findings, put appropriate fire safety measures in place, plan for an emergency and provide fire safety training. Again, this can all be carried out with the help of a professional, but it’s important to note that a fire risk assessment should be reviewed regularly and updated if necessary.

From internal fire doors to fire extinguishers: how to ensure your building is fire-resistant

One of the most important aspects of a fire risk assessment is locating fire hazards as once these have been identified, you can work out how best to combat them. As mentioned previously, there are many safeguards you can implement to make your workplace less vulnerable to fire damage, some of which we’ve listed below.

Fire detection system

All commercial buildings are required by law to have a fire detection system in place such as an alarm so that everyone in the building is alerted to the problem as quickly as possible. This will give you time to implement your emergency strategy and the earlier a fire is caught, the less damage it’s likely to cause.

Internal fire doors

Fire doors have a fire-resistance rating and are used to reduce the spread of fire between different components of a building. They are required to meet very strict standards in order to be deemed effective and they come in different categories. For example, an FD30 fire door provides 30 minutes of protection against a fire whereas an FD60 remains resistant for approximately 60 minutes. The category of fire door you require will largely depend on the layout of your commercial building as well as the type of business you run and if you’re unsure what the safest option is, an expert can surely advise you.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be stored in appropriate places around a workspace and there should be a sufficient amount for the size of your building. UK fire extinguisher regulations state that there should be a minimum of two Class A fire extinguishers per floor in a commercial building, however, you may need more depending on the square footage of the premises. You should also ensure you get extinguishers that are most suitable for the fire your business is most at risk of for maximum safety.

Fire safety training and regular fire drills

Fire safety training is essential to ensure your staff members are aware of what procedures to follow in the event of a fire. It’s extremely important that employees know crucial information such as the location of escape routes and the fire assembly point and one of the best ways to keep this information fresh in people’s heads is to conduct regular fire drills.

Need fire doors for your commercial building? Contact a door specialist

Installing fire doors is an essential part of increasing fire safety within your commercial property and when it comes to making your selection, it’s important to rely on a reputable door specialist. Not only will they likely offer a variety of different products, but they will also be able to offer expert advice on which design best suits your premises.

Whereas fire doors were once plainly designed with a somewhat industrial feel, you can now purchase both internal and external fire doors in a broad range of styles and colour schemes, ensuring they fit in seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of your building. Whether you want a glazed door or a wooden entrance, fire doors can be both practical and visually appealing, but be sure to rely on professionals in the business for maximum variety.

When it comes to the cost of your fire doors, prices will vary depending on who you buy from and further to this, the features of the design will affect the cost significantly. Fire doors can cost anywhere from £54 to £575 so, to ensure you get the best price possible (and the best product for your business), it’s important to be transparent about both the nature of your organisation and your budget.

Whether you work in retail, hospitality, the construction trade or you run your own office, fire doors are a crucial part of keeping you, your employees and your commercial building safe from this threat. So, whatever industry you’re in, it’s important to prioritise the installation of fire doors as well as other important safeguards to give you peace of mind that, in the event of an emergency, your business is protected.

Whether you need interior or exterior doors, rely on the experts at Finewood

At Finewood, we supply doors to both domestic and commercial customers and our varied selection of products guarantees every customer leaves happy.

We work with Doorworks, one of the UK’s leading door manufacturers, and we supply fully certified fire rated products to a broad range of industries. So, if you’re looking to improve fire safety at your commercial premises, look no further than Finewood.

Whether you’d like internal wooden doors or external Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) doors, our doors are constructed to stand the test of time and further to this, many of our products are more or less maintenance free for your convenience.

To find out more about what our joiners can do for you here at Finewood, contact us today and we’ll talk you through our products, including our high-quality fire doors.

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Tips on Improving The Flow of Natural Light in Your Home

Having sufficient natural light in your home can help you and your family be healthier and happier. It’s been proven that plenty of natural light can assist in reducing the risk of headaches and improving general mental wellbeing.

It can also make a home look far bigger than it actually is and make it a more attractive prospect for potential buyers. Getting more natural light to flow through your home isn’t always simple, however, so we’ve put together a few tips for you to consider.

Install a Range of Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to help improve the amount of natural light that flows through your home. By placing them tactically in areas that get plenty of light from doors and windows already, mirrors can then reflect the light to other areas of the house. Mirrors can also make a room look larger so, if you’ve got a small living room, consider adding a few mirrors.

Decide on Colours Carefully

Colours have the ability to either absorb or reflect light; dark colours absorb and light colours reflect. So, by being careful with the colours you choose and going for lighter shades in areas that have plenty of light, you can make the room look much brighter. Also, by painting the ceiling a shade or two lighter than the walls you can make the entire room feel taller.

Install a Solar Tube

Solar tubes are a brilliant way of bringing natural light into even the dingiest and darkest rooms in the house. Solar tubes are reflective pipes that can travel from the roof of your home to the ceiling of a hallway and bring the natural light from outside. Just one or two of these strategically placed at your property can massively improve the light in your home.

Choose Doors With Plenty of Glass

Finally, one of the best ways that you can improve the flow of natural light in your home is to install doors which have plenty of glass in them. Choosing a backdoor that has as little framing as possible and as much glass as possible, allows the light to flow through and will help to make all of the above suggestions in this blog work better. By getting more natural light in the first place, you can then use other strategies to improve the flow throughout the house

For a Range of Doors in Edinburgh Made With Plenty of Glass, Look No Further Than Finewood

At Finewood, we’ve been established since 1990 and have become Scotland’s largest importer and supplier of doors. We supply our products to builders, councils, joiners and homeowners alike and have an unmatched selection of doors in the country.

Whether you’re looking for front doors, patio doors or different styles of glass to fit in your door, we’ll have the option for you.

To find out more, contact us today. You can find us at our showroom which is located at Finewood Joinery Products Ltd, Almond Road, Falkirk, Scotland, FK2 9FQ, call us on 01324 673100 or e-mail us at mail@fine-wood.co.uk.

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The Importance of Doorways in Popular Culture

In storytelling, something that plays a huge role in informing world culture, doors and doorways consistently play a crucial role. Metaphorically a doorway creates a path between what we know as the real world and what we see as a fantastical world; a transition that makes its way into a dizzying number of stories.

Whether it’s a subtle transition that indicates a slight change in the character’s world or something spectacular like the tornado that takes Dorothy to the Land of Oz, these metaphorical doorways always play a crucial role. Here we describe just some of the most important physical and metaphorical doors and doorways in popular culture.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series has become one of the most beloved stories for children and adults all over the world, moving from the page to the big screen in 2001. In that film, the transition from the real world to a magic world is quite literal in the story and involves a few ‘doorways’.

One doorway into that world is the first letter Harry receives from Hogwarts inviting him to study, but the physical representation of the change in worlds is when he runs straight through Platform 93/4 and arrives firmly in his new life.

The Rabbit Hole in Alice in Wonderland

Written in 1865, Lews Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has proven to be a hugely influential novel for the children’s authors that followed as well as the filmmakers. A slew of spin-off books and films have sprung up in the wake of the story and one of the most important parts of the whole plot is the doorway.

In this story, the doorway takes shape as a rabbit hole that Alice falls down. That imagery has become so ingrained in our cultural dialogue that ‘down the rabbit hole’ has become a phrase all of its own.

Dr Who’s Police Box

In Dr Who, the TARDIS is the vehicle with which Dr Who travels through the fabric of time and space on his adventures. For decades this police box has been an icon of British TV and again represents a doorway through which the stories are told. This time, stepping through the doors of the TARDIS leads the Dr into an unbelievably big place where he can travel anywhere in space and time. Countless British children undoubtedly imagined themselves having their own TARDIS to escape on their own adventures too.

From Imaginary Doors to Real Doors, Finewood Can Supply Your Next Door in Edinburgh

Although we might not quite be able to provide you with any of the magic doors we’ve listed above, we are the leading supplier of doors across the whole of Scotland. Whether you’re looking for front doors, composite doors, patio doors or internal doors, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. Regardless whether you’re a homeowner or a developer, we have a quality product available for you.

To find out more, contact us today. You can find us at our showroom which is located at Finewood Joinery Products Ltd, Almond Road, Falkirk, Scotland, FK2 9FQ, call us on 01324 673100 or e-mail us at mail@fine-wood.co.uk.

10 Jun

The Benefits of Good-Quality Internal doors

The type of doors you choose for the interior of your home should be just as considered as the wallpaper and paint. As the entrance to every room in your home, it’s important that they are good-quality, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, functional. Good-quality doors will last you a whole lot longer than cheap alternatives that are installed by an unprofessional tradesman – so don’t skimp on important features of your home. Instead, make it a comfortable and well-presented place for you, your family and your guests to enjoy.

If your doors are in need of an update, this blog will explain three of the main reasons why good-quality doors can improve your home.

Fluidity and appearance

To make the look of your home appear well-designed throughout, choosing good quality doors for every room will create a sense of fluidity. Even a beautifully decorated room can lose impact if the doors are old or damaged. With a range of designs and shades avaliable, wooden internal doors will suit any home, and simultaneously make the room feel more spacious when open and cosier when closed.


Doors that are badly fitted and poor quality are no benefit to your room. Those that are not installed properly will not sit right in the door frame, meaning they may be difficult to open and close, and could damage other parts of your home, for example scraping along the floor. Furthermore, it’s important that your doors can close properly to provide privacy between each room and create boundaries around the house.


Another problem associated with incorrectly fitted doors, is the loss of heat that you may experience in your home. While draft excluders are a quick-fix, in the long run, it’s a lot better to invest in good-quality doors that will improve the running of your home permanently. Furthermore, if heat is escaping from your most-used rooms, such as your living room, you may notice a change in your utility bills as you will begin to increase the temperature of your thermostat or keep your central heating on for longer.

Finewood, based in Falkirk, is an established internal and external door supplier since 1990. We have a range of products available in our showroom, suitable for those within the building industry as well as the general public. We can also provide additional features to complement your new doors including skirting, casing and door stops. For more information get in touch today and find out more.

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The Benefits of Composite Doors

If your door is in need of an update, installing a composite door is a great option that will improve the overall look of your home. Furthermore, these type of doors come with a lot of benefits for homeowners by improving the functionality of the home as well as providing brilliant kerb appeal.

To help you in you make the right decision about the perfect front door, this blog will explain some of the top benefits of opting for a composite door.

Wow factor

Composite doors come in a range of designs and colours, so whether you fancy a modern look or a traditional feel, you’ll certainly find the right composite door for you. It’s important to remember that your front door is one of the first things you and your guests will see before entering your home. Therefore, if you want to create a great impression replace old and damaged doors with a stylish composite door, and make your home the best on the street.


Chipped paint and dodgy hinges mean you may need to complete regular maintenance on old doors. But, if you’d like a door that requires less maintenance but still looks good, a composite door fits the bill. With effective weathertight seals, these doors are more protected from the elements making them less prone to wear and tear.


If cold draughts are making your home feel like an igloo, the problem may be to do with your front door. Old doors, of those which are badly fitted, are prone to let in let our warm air and let in cold air. This may start to reflect ithroughout your utility bills, as you may need to keep your central heating on for longer and increase the temperature, in order to keep warm. Composite doors, however, are made from insulating materials that will provide greater warmth for your home.


Doors that are visibly damaged and look weak, are more likely to be targetted by criminals. But, alternatively, stronger looking doors such as composite doors, will appear as more of a challenge for home intruders and therefore, act as a deterrent – this could be the difference between becoming a victim of a burglary and your home remaining safe.

Finewood, based in Falkirk, is Scotland’s biggest importer and supplier of indoor and outdoor doors. With a range of styles and designs available, our showroom gives you the opportunity to browse through all of our products and choose the right door for your needs. And, if a composite door sounds like the perfect choice for you, our range of thermally efficient composite doors can be made to measure with customisable features such as a variety of glass and colours. For more information contact us today.

10 May

Wooden or Composite Doors: Which is Best For Your Home?

Whilst home improvement projects can be both fun and exciting, they’re usually not without their challenges. Whether you’re installing a brand new door or replacing an existing one, there are countless things to consider when making your selection and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of choice on the market. With this in mind, making one decision at a time may be the best way to simplify the process, and where better to start than choosing a material?

Both wood and composite are used for household doors and it’s not difficult to see why. As well as allowing us to enter and exit from our homes with ease, a door also acts as a defence against adverse weather conditions and possible intrusion, so it’s essential for it to be constructed using solid and sturdy materials.

Additionally, it’s imperative for doors to fit in with and complement the overall style of a property, making aesthetic appeal another crucial consideration. The process of selecting a door (or set of doors) can be tricky if you’re not sure which material to go for. So, to help you renovate your property with ease, we’ve put together some information on why Composite or wood may be the perfect material for your new doors.

Wooden doors: what are the benefits?

When it comes to wooden furnishings, you can either opt for softwood or hardwood. As the name suggests, hardwood is usually more dense than softwood and is often more sturdy. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t necessarily always the case. Oak and Ash are hardwoods that are commonly used to create doors and window frames as they are both strong and visually appealing and in the case of softwoods, pine and fir are both popular choices for constructing wooden furniture.

There’s no denying the natural beauty that wood possesses and its appeal is arguably timeless. Whilst wood is becoming increasingly popular for household furnishings, every cut has a different grain pattern and with this in mind, you can guarantee your wooden door will be utterly unique.

The aesthetic benefits of wood are obvious- but what about practicality? Whilst it is undoubtedly stylish, wood often requires upkeep to maintain its natural beauty and if this is not upheld, it can begin to warp or rot. On the other hand, wood that’s properly treated and well cared for will do wonders for your home’s kerb appeal and will indeed stand the test of time.

Wood is also known for being a good insulator, making it an energy-efficient option for your new front door replacement, however, it also lends itself to creating internal doors. This highly versatile material is suitable for both doors and window frames and further to this, it can blend in with any style of decor. Whether your property has a contemporary or more traditional style, a wooden door can be designed to blend in seamlessly to complete your home.

The cost of wooden doors will vary depending on your supplier, however, they will likely be more expensive than their Composite counterparts. This may deter some homeowners, but it’s important to note that whilst wooden doors may not necessarily be cheap, they are long-lasting and will likely increase the value of your home, making this a cost-effective purchase.

Why invest in Composite doors?

Whilst you may not associate Composite with style and elegance, it comes in a wide variety of colours to suit any home and further to this, it can even have a wood grain finish that very closely resembles the real thing. More often than not, Composite is cheaper than wood which is why it’s often favoured by homeowners as you can get a luxury wood-like finish for a fraction of the price.

Composite is also a very low-maintenance building material. It’s extremely easy to clean and as a result, it’s almost effortless to keep in tip-top condition and withstands the effects of all weather conditions. On the subject of weather, it’s is also known for being energy-efficient. Composite doors will help to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer which, in turn, will lead to cheaper energy bills.

 Whether you want a bold front door with glass panels or some French doors leading out to your back garden, the versatility of composite makes it applicable to any and every household.

As previously mentioned, composite is extremely durable by nature. As a possible entrance point for intruders, a door needs to have high levels of security and with this in mind, composite is the perfect choice to give you peace of mind that your home is well protected.

Composite doors explained

 Composite doors are made using a combination of different materials and as a result, they are usually much more durable and weather-resistant than their single-material counterparts.

These doors come in a range of colours and can also be made to resemble natural wood. A glass reinforced polyester (GRP) coating can then be applied to the door to increase durability and protect the door from adverse weather conditions. As well as being more or less maintenance-free, composite doors are highly resistant to cracking, fading and denting, ensuring they look sleek and stylish for years to come.

When all is said and done, the material you choose for your new doors will largely come down to personal preference, however a composite door is a stylish and practical addition to your home.

At Finewood, we stock an impressive range of both internal and external doors to ensure our customers find exactly what they’re looking for. As well as homeowners, we also supply products to joiners, builders merchants and housebuilders and we are known for our unparalleled customer service and high-quality products.

Whether you’d like a minimalistic design that oozes style and sophistication or a door with glass panels that has a touch of elegance, we can surely accommodate you. We use double glazing to ensure our doors are energy-efficient and when you opt for a composite door, you can guarantee that it’s been built with durability and longevity in mind.

In addition to doors, we also supply mouldings such as skirting, casings and door stops to add the finishing touches to your project and our team will be on hand to advise you if you need assistance with your selection.

If you would like to discuss your home renovation project with one of our door specialists, contact us today or shop now to find the perfect door to complete your home.

08 Apr

Tips on Improving Kerb Appeal

Selling your home can tough at the best of times. Whether you’re traversing complicated legal jargon or simply looking for ways to make your property more saleable in the future, it can all be a little bit overwhelming. Yet, it’s important to remember that every little helps when looking to sell your home.

With this in mind, first impressions are everything in the property world and your exterior façade, also known as kerb appeal, can make or break a deal. If the front of your property doesn’t exude a welcoming feel to prospective buyers, you’ll find selling your home infinitely more difficult.

Luckily, there are a variety of easy ways you can make your property look amazing to visitors and prospective buyers alike.

Rejuvenate your façade

Sometimes, the best place to start is to spend time sprucing up the front of your home. Over time, your property can begin to look tired and lived in so consider carrying out some repainting and re-pointing work in order to add an injection of vigour to your home’s façade.

There is, however, a fine line with this as you don’t want to spend over the odds for work. It’s also important to consider the design period of the home and aesthetic of the neighbourhood before going too overboard with any renovations.

Lines and symmetry

An overcrowded housefront can feel claustrophobic and messy so always keep symmetry and simplicity in mind when looking to add kerb appeal. When positioning plants and lights, ensure that they are equally paired; this can look especially good around the entrance to the property.

Add some greenery

You don’t need to have a huge amount of space outside the front of your home to add some greenery to your property and it’s one of the best ways to increase its kerb appeal.

Even if you have no useable garden space, consider planting creepers or cultivating plant boxes to add a charming natural touch to the front of your home.

Invest in a new door

The front door is the true face of your property and the first point of contact a prospective buyer will have with your home. With this in mind, an uninspired front door can have a real negative impact on the opinion of your property so it is essential to invest in a quality, great looking door.

Here at Finewood, we have been offering excellent quality doors at competitive prices throughout Scotland for decades. Since opening our doors in 1990, we have supplied our customers with both internal and external doors, offering a huge collection to choose from.

For more information on our huge range of products, visit our website or get in touch with our team on 01324 673100.

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Five Benefits to Installing Double Glazed Doors in Your Home or Business

If you are considering installing new doors in your home or in your business, you may find yourself wondering about the benefits of double glazed doors. Perhaps you have noticed that your doors let in lots of cold air and that you’re spending unnecessary money on particularly high energy bills, or maybe you want to reduce unwanted external noise to create a calmer and quieter home or office. You may want to increase the safety and security of your building or, simply, upgrade your doors to improve the appearance of your property.

Whatever the reason, there are many benefits to installing double glazed doors in your home or at your workplace. Double glazed windows are constructed using two layers of glass; these two panes are separated by a layer of air or gas (argon is most often used) and then sealed. This layer acts as an efficient barrier between the inside of your home or workplace and cold outside temperatures, providing far better insulation than single glazed windows.

Double glazing was originally developed with the intention to provide better insulation for buildings, however there are many other benefits to having it installed – ones that you may not have even thought about. Below we take a look at a few of these benefits in more detail.

Better insulation

Of course, one of the main benefits of installing double glazing is the improved insulation that it provides. Due to the extra layer of glass and sealed pocket of gas or air, warm air is unable to escape through your windows, providing better insulation. Plus, less cold air is able to enter. A cold property is far more likely to suffer from damp and mould. Not only does damp look and smell unpleasant, but it can also pose a number of health risks to the people living or working in damp areas – from nasty colds and chesty coughs to more serious health conditions such as pneumonia. This is why it is absolutely essential that your building is effectively insulated.

Double glazing can reduce the cost of your energy bills

As discussed above, double glazed windows can effectively insulate your property and prevent warm air from escaping your building. This increased insulation means that you will need to have the heating on far less and, when you do, you will not need to have the heating on at such a high temperature in order to warm up the building, resulting in reduced energy bills. This is particularly beneficial for both home and business owners.

Many of us spend unnecessary money heating up our properties because the warm air from our heating systems escapes through our windows and doors. Investing in double glazing can eliminate this issue and help to retain heat in your building, meaning that you’ll spend far less on heating up your property.

Similarly, as a business owner, you may find that you spend a lot of money cooling down your office during the summer when the temperatures are warm. Just as double glazing helps to retain heat within a building, it also prevents cool air from escaping during the summer, meaning that you will not need to use your air conditioner as often and can cut down on those costly energy bills.

By lowering your energy usage, your carbon footprint will also be reduced, helping you do your bit for the environment.

External noise reduction

If you find yourself constantly disturbed and bothered by outside noise, such as traffic and roadworks, installing double glazed doors can help with this. In addition to providing better insulation for the temperature of your home, double glazing also provides better insulation for noise compared to single glazing. This is due to the extra layer of glass and sealed pocket of air or gas; essentially, double glazed windows provide an extra layer for sound waves to get through. Creating a homely environment that is calm and peaceful is important for many people. Often, our homes are the place where we come after a long day to escape the outside world and relax in comfort. Installing double glazed doors ensures that loud external noise is kept out and your conversations are kept within the house.

Similarly, creating a quiet and undisruptive environment in the workplace is important in order to ensure that employees can focus on their tasks and work productively. If your workplace is based in a busy area where you are constantly disrupted by noisy traffic, people or roadworks, installing double glazing can help to reduce external noise in the office, creating a better, and more productive, working environment.

Increase security with double glazing

The safety and security of your building, whether it is your home or business, is extremely important. Double glazed windows are far stronger and more durable than single glazed windows, and therefore much more difficult to break. It’s no secret that doors are one of the easiest ways to gain access into a building; in the majority of cases, burglaries are actually unplanned and spur of the moment. Opportunistic burglars look out for single glazed doors that look weak and easy to break into, which is why it is important that you invest in double glazing.

Put simply, two panes of glass are far more difficult to break than one. Double glazing provides an effective and discrete additional barrier of protection, increasing the security of your building. Your home is filled with your prized possessions and most important items; similarly, your workplace is full of important and valuable equipment. Installing double glazing gives you peace of mind that your items are safe and secure.

Increase curb appeal and boost property value

Replacing your existing doors with new double glazed doors is an excellent way to improve the overall appearance of your home. If your doors are old, outdated or damaged, it may be time for an upgrade, and you may be surprised by just how much brand new doors can improve the look of your property. If you are looking to sell up your home in the future, the appearance of your house is particularly important – after all, this is where first impressions are made. In addition to this, double glazed doors ensure that your home is secure and efficient, which will increase the value of your property. Homebuyers will be more attracted to houses that are safe, secure and energy efficient.

As a business owner, you have a company image to uphold. Investing in new double glazed doors will improve the overall appearance of your business and ensure that your workplace looks both modern and attractive from the outside.

Finewood: supplying internal and external doors in Falkirk and throughout Scotland

Since 1990, Finewood have been supplying both homes and businesses with a huge selection of high-quality internal and external doors. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and affordable products; if you need new doors for your home or office, we are the company to turn to. Our expert team of door specialists can find the perfect doors for your building to suit your style and needs. With a wide range of different sizes available, there truly is something for everyone.

At Finewood, we understand that high-quality doors for any property are essential in order to provide enhanced security. All of our doors are sold with energy efficiency, security and appearance in mind, so you can rest assured that, when you choose us, you always get the highest-quality doors for the best value. All of our products are manufactured to the highest possible standards using only the best components and materials. We believe that buying a new door is an investment for many years to come, which is why we never cut corners or go with the cheapest option.

For more information about our range of doors, simply visit our website or contact us today.

08 Apr

Standard Size Doors vs. Made to Measure Doors: Which Is Best for My Home?

Walk into any door shop and you’ll find a wide range of doors that already exist, built to standard door sizes. These are the simplest option for most homeowners who are building a home, but are you sure that’s what you want? Do you need bespoke doors in your home, or are standard measurements good enough for you?

There are many reasons you might choose one option or the other, including finances, style, and personal needs. If you’re still not sure, let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might select each type of door.

The Benefits of Standard Exterior Doors

Standard size doors come in a few different sizes so you can fit them to your home. If you visit a store, these are the doors you’ll find right away, since custom doors need to be built to order.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of purchasing a door that is already made to size.

They’re ready to use: If you are looking for something you can install today, a standard door is ideal. You just need to select which door you want from the store, buy it and off you go. You can literally install the door that very day.

Most homes use them: For refurbishing and renovating an existing home, you probably don’t want the expense of changing door sizes. Chances are, your house already has standard sized doors, so you’ll want to find the best one to fit the size that the doorway is already meant to accommodate.

They’re cost effective: You’ll pay far less for a regular door than you will for one that is custom made. If you don’t need high quality and don’t mind your door not quite fitting the doorways, then a standard door is just fine for the price. You’ll save money and still have a way to shut off a room.

They’re available in a wide range of styles and materials: You can find doors in regular sizes throughout the country and these come in quite a few designs and in a variety of different materials. You’ll find everything from wood and composite doors to metal and vinyl options. This gives you plenty of choices to select from.

A standard door can be the perfect door for your home, particularly if you’re on a budget. However, it isn’t always the right answer.

The Benefits of Doors Made to Measure

Custom doors can have a big advantage over standard fit, but it really depends on what you want them for. After all, bespoke designs will tend to be pricier, so they should be worth it. You can talk to a door specialist to find out exactly how they work.

They can be wider if needed. Standard door sizes aren’t always ideal. If you want your home to be wheelchair accessible, for example, you’ll need wider doors than the usual. Custom doors can be built not only to fit the wider doorways, but also with easy access handles for those with limited movement.

They can be made shorter or narrower: Do you have an awkward space under the stairs or a shed that just doesn’t need a full size door? Then a bespoke option is perfect for you. They can make otherwise too small spaces work as a useful place to store items or even as an area for your pet to rest and feel safe. There are many reasons you might want a smaller door and this is a great way to access areas that might not be accessible without a smaller option.

They can be made to higher standards: If you have specific things you want done to a door, you can specify this to the company building it. For example, you can request a solid wood door made from a wood that wouldn’t normally be used in a standard size door. This is about customisation and that’s more than just size.

They will fit exactly: Sometimes, a standard door just won’t cut it because there are still some gaps around it and the door may not fit perfectly even in a supposedly standard doorway. A custom door will fit very well and that’s important when you have a space that needs an exact fit. Studios or soundproof rooms are just one reason you might need a close fitting door.

They can be designed for you: Do you have a special design you want on your door? Do you need a curved top to fit an arch? There are so many options when your door is custom built. You can really go all out with the design and make it a door to enjoy, rather than one you don’t want to look at. Get creative with the design and talk to the joiner about how to make your door extra special. They’ll likely have a few ideas.

Your bespoke door will cost more than a ready-to-install door, but you’ll get higher quality and the new door will fit exactly where you need it to.

Should Internal Fire Doors Be Custom Fit?

Fire doors are not usually required in homes, but they may be required in a public building. You should always check the codes and find out what is necessary. However, even if they’re not required by law, fire doors can be an excellent investment. They’re designed to be fire resistant to help slow a house fire and prevent smoke from filling the entire home. A fire door can give you valuable time to escape the home.

These doors tend to be solid so even if they are burning, it will take the fire a long time to get through. However, you may choose doors made from glass, steel, timber, or gypsum, or a combination of these, to prevent the fire from getting out of control.

A fire door also includes a special frame that should meet fire testing guidelines. It will include the full door set, with everything needed to hold the door in place, along with fire resistant hardware, and smoke seals around the edges. These seals are an essential part of slowing the fire down. After all, fire requires oxygen to continue burning, so reducing the amount of air it can suck in will help it die down.

You can purchase fire doors set to regular sizes, but it’s almost always better to have them custom built. The reason for this is fit. With a regular door, it doesn’t matter if the door has a few little gaps. They’re not a big deal for an interior door and if there are a few discrepancies in the doorways of the home, no one cares too much.

However, if a fire door doesn’t fit tightly, with a full seal, it is essentially useless. The door will not stop smoke, which could cause serious bodily harm in the event of a fire. If the seals aren’t working, due to a gap, then you also have the issue of fire getting through. It doesn’t have to move through the door if it can creep through a gap.

Custom fire doors are simply safer for any home, particularly one that has oddly built doorways or hasn’t been perfectly designed.

Choosing the Right Door for Your Home

You’re the best person to decide on the perfect door for your home. As you’ve seen, both bespoke and standard doors have their benefits. A joiner can help you decide if you need a made to measure door or something more usual, but you can also look at your home and make a decision.

If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll probably want to stick to the standard door sizes, and this is also the case if you are renovating an existing house that was built for standard sizes. However, if you have the budget and are able to build your home to your own preferences, it’s almost always better to go with custom doors. These are higher quality and provide more options than the average choice in the shop.

Whatever you choose in the end, be sure you’re happy with it. After all, you’ll be living in this home for years to come and you should enjoy the doors you’ve used.

Are you looking for a high quality door for your home? Look no further than Finewood. We offer all the doors you could need, interior and exterior. Contact us today for more information.

11 Mar

Making a Good First Impression with Your Front Door

Choosing a front door can be difficult, since it really is your introduction to the world. People will see the door before they even get to meet you, so it’s important to select your door carefully.


Colour Matters

The colour of your front door is an important first look at your home. Rockdoor Composite doors are available in thirteen colours. What kind of impression do you want to give?

A crisp white door is always neat and offers a simple front. However, colours can indicate more personality. Ruby Red indicates passion, while Irish Oak is inviting and friendly. Chartwell Green and Sapphire Blue are calmer hues, but tend to invoke relaxation. Which colour best suits your personality?


Which Material?

Selecting the material for your front door is also important. Not only do the right materials keep burglars out, they also contribute to the overall look of a door.

Composite doors are more expensive, but they’re worth it. With higher energy efficiency and a pleasant look, the composite front door is a good choice for security and presentation.

Choose your material carefully, since you want something that is solid, but still beautiful.



There are many things that make a Rockdoor so much more secure than the other composite front and back doors available in the UK.

S-Glaze technology ensures the glass forms part of the door itself so that it cannot be prised out of the door to gain access (a common and very quiet method that burglars use at night time).

A reinforced inner frame that is 60% stronger than a standard composite door meaning a Rockdoor cannot be rammed and forced open.

Nickel coated solid brass hook locks that slide in to steel keeps and run the full length of the doors outer frame for additional strength and security acting as part of the multipoint lock system.

Diamond Secure 3 Star Cylinders are used on all our exterior doors. With a TS007 3 star rating (the highest rating available), there really is no way a burglar would be able to force, snap or drill the lock cylinder.

Steel Mesh (optional) for those that live in a slightly more isolated area than most, security mesh can be added to your Rockdoor for an additional layer of security, making our already strong door sash 4 times stronger.

Along with the above security features you can also choose to add extra hooks, security chains, a night latch and laminated glass, all helping to give you the total peace of mind that your family and home are safe – even when you’re not there.

Adding Decorative Elements

A solid door can look great and is nice and secure. However, there are often design elements that can enhance how your exterior door looks and these are a wonderful addition to an otherwise plain door.

A design with glass panes in the door can serve as a decorative and a practical element. Clear panes allow you to look out and see who is outside the door. Stained glass or textured glass allows light to flow into the home, while providing a little extra colour.

Door knockers are just one option for adding some metal to your door, available in modern and traditional styles. Stainless steel Bar Handles are also a very popular design feature.

Your front door makes an impression, so be sure to select the perfect choice for your home.