19 May

What to consider when buying a new internal door?

Just as your front door makes a bold impression on your home, an internal door can have a dramatic effect on the look and flow of your interior living spaces. Most doors go fairly unnoticed; more often than not, we look right past them.

There is much more to an interior door than its function, and if you’re building, renovating or just looking to change up the style of your room, you should be putting a good amount of thought into choosing one. Here are some of the main aspects to consider:


The style of your door can play a big role in accentuating the look and feel of your home and it’s important that to maintain a sense of flow throughout your house, it complements your existing style rather than clashing with it.

Pay attention to the size of the room. A large, ornate door may overwhelm small rooms, and flush, minimalist doors may become lost in larger rooms, unless it fits with your existing contemporary and modern style.

Panelled doors are the most popular as they can create more depth and are available in numerous designs and materials.

The right materials and finishes

A variety of materials and finishing options are available for interior doors, so take the time to consider which one best suits your needs before making a purchase. It is also helpful to consult one of the experts at a showroom like ours to guide you in your decision.

Oak veneer is extremely popular and can be matched to other finishes such as flooring and furniture. We offer panel oak doors and glazed oak doors with American White Oak veneer.
Other popular options include Sapele, a wood from tropical Africa which is reminiscent of mahogany, and hardwood veneered doors which come in glazed or panel.


Internal fire doors help keep your family safe from fire and could even add value to your home if you decide to move. While the fire doors of yesteryear were dull and limited, they are now offered in a range of different finishes including the popular Oak, Maple and White Primed Moulded veneers. Our doors are between FD30 and FD60 fire rated when fitted in accordance with Test Certificate.

Door Swing

Also known as door handling, door swing is something that can be easily overlooked in the planning stages and can have big effects on your furniture arrangement later on. Determining the swing of your door is also known to confuse people the world over, but thankfully there is this handy guide from wikiHow.

You can usually choose between a right-hand or left-hand door swing when ordering a new internal door. Ideally, a door should never open into a hallway or corridor, so keep that in mind when choosing which way your door swings.

Types of Doors

When it comes to types of doors, the options are endless, particularly as each passing year sees more incredible door technologies added to the market. In addition to traditional doors like Dutch and stable doors, French doors and panel doors; space saving door solutions are becoming trendier. These include sliding doors which slide along the wall, pocket doors which slide into a cavity inside the wall, and expandable folding doors which stack to one side.

Visit our showroom to chat to one of our consultants and find the right internal door for your home, or take a look at these top doors trends for summer.